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セルディ モイストジェルクリーム ハニー




Celdie Moist Gel Cream Honey

<Gel Cream> 100g

Reference price: Open price *Estimated market price: 800 yen (tax excl.)

For supple and nourished skin. This gel is like 6 skincare products packed into 1.

In just 1 bottle, you'll get the effect of 6 skincare products: a face lotion, beauty essence, a face pack, a milky lotion, a face cream, and a moisturizing makeup base.
For busy mornings or nights when you come home too tired to do the full skincare routine, all you need is this one product!
Includes 4 kinds of moisturizing ingredients and certified olea europaea (olive) leaf extract ※.
This product penetrates down to your pores and locks in moisture to even texture and make skin more supple.

[4 moisturizing ingredients]
・rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract
・soluble collagen
・sodium hyaluronate

[Certified organic olea europaea (olive) leaf extract※]
Olea europaea (olive) leaf extract nourishes your skin to health, making it a great ingredient to treat your skin.

●Gentle floral honey scent

<How to Use>After washing your face, put an appropriate amount (about 1-2 pearls) into your hand. Gently massage onto your face. You can also use this on your neck area.
※Moisturizing ingredient