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セルディ 美肌洗顔 スパソルト




Celdie Beautifying Face Wash Spa Salt

<Face Wash> 120g

Reference price: open price *Estimated market price 415 yen (tax excl.)

Get more beautiful skin from your face wash. This product contains organic ingredients that your skin craves.

Along with making your skin look and feel healthier, the tested and proven effects of organic olea europaea (olive) leaf extract*1 beautifies your skin. Moisturizes down to your pores*2 for more elastic skin!
Spa salt*3 removes impurities from your pores and takes off dirt for refreshed skin. Take all the impurities off of your skin with these gentle bubbles, which will also help fight against acne. It comes in a refreshing marine citrus scent.

<How to Use>After wetting your face, put the appropriate amount (2-3cm) of product into your hand. Add warm water and mix until bubbles form. Apply to your face and rinse thoroughly after.
*1 Moisturizing ingredient *2 Pores *3 Brittany sea salt (skin-refreshing ingredient)